About Our Connectors

Reach for the Cloud

No other developer has the wide range of Sharescan solutions that Connector Works provide. With over 10 years experience in Cloud API development we continue to push the boundaries of a connector by adding a multitude of functions with the aim of making it an effortless experience for the user.

Standard Features

The Connector Works portfolio contains a rich set of features, making the most of everything that Sharescan provides while adding a few special tweaks that we believe you couldn't do without.

Lock to a Single User

Does your Box, Dropbox or Google Apps account have that one user that is used for simple administration tasks? Need to keep an audit trail? That's fine just enter the user in the administration section for the individual profiles you want to set up and you'll be scanning to that username in no time.

Single Sign On

Need to sign in with a card or Active Directory? Using the built in SSON method that Sharescan provides, each user just needs to enter the credentials for the connector once and it will save it for the next time you scan.

Lock to a Domain

With a cloud platform such as Google Drive - you may have a specific domain name that you want your users to scan to. So you don't want to give them free reign over their own private Google accounts and your secure documents. Lock the connector profile to your domain and ensure that your employees can only scan to your Google Apps instance.

Create a Folder

You're standing at the copier, you've scanned your document and you realised you don't have a folder ready for this scan. Not a problem. Where available our connectors allow folder creation straight from the multifunctional device while your scanning!

Features the important bits

  • Lock to a single user
  • Single Sign On
  • Create Folders
  • Lock to a Domain