LexisNexis Affinity Connector for eCopy Sharescan 5


Scan to the trusted Practice Management solution

Primarily used throughout the Asia Pacific region, the Lexis Affinity practice management solution can now be used directly from your multifunctional device.

You can now browse your Affinity profiles and set associated metadata from the screen on your eCopy enabled machine for your scanned documents.

Authentication Methods

Using the administration console you can lock to a specific account in order to scan only using that login to help save time at the device.

As with all of our products the Affinity connector also provides single sign on support. Simply log in once with your Affinity account and it will be associated with you SSON profile.

Time saving features

Using the advanced administration features available in the connector you can set all profile and metadata information to have defaults or completely prevent them from being changed in order to have a fully automated document workflow.

Using the folder watching and "no forms" solutions that eCopy 5.2 provides, an administrator can create many profiles to route a plethora of scanned documents automatically.

Brief the important bits

  • Lock to a single user
  • Single Sign On