Dropbox Connector for eCopy Sharescan 5


Dropbox provides the fastest and easiest file and folder syncing tool. Any file you put in your PC or Mac dropbox syncs automatically with your allocated online dropbox storage and all other computers and devices in your account.

Our Dropbox connector uploads directly to Dropbox online, instantly replicating your uploaded file to all your devices running dropbox. You can even view your scanned files on the mobile site and clients on Android and iOS devices like the iPad or iPhone.

Create new folders from your Multifunctional Device

So you're standing at your MFD and you realised that you want a new directory for this scan. It's easy. Simply type in the new folder name you want, hit the create folder button and your are redirected to your new folder, ready to upload.

45 Day Trial

Try before you buy. Contact us for more information.


After the trial is complete you may want to continue using the product. If so please get in touch with us at [email protected] and we will be happy to extend the license for Dropbox.


You will need a Dropbox account. This connector works happily with a basic (free), Pro or Business (Team) account.

Brief the important bits

  • Lock to a single user
  • Single Sign On
  • Create Folders