Google Drive Connector for eCopy Sharescan 5


Google Drive (formerly Google Docs) from any eCopy Sharescan enabled device. Scan or print.

The world's most popular cloud solution for documents is now available from your internet enabled eCopy device and can be used with any Google account. Browse all your Google Docs collections and store your scanned document securely and quickly, ready for you to share and view them from any internet browser on any platform.

Our Google Docs connector has been developed with the Google Apps user in mind. Get more out of your account by scanning your hard copy documents into your Google Docs storage or convert them into the Google Docs format to edit them from the web browser!

File Types & Conversion

Fully utilising the powerful Google Documents List API, the connector now has the ability to request that your scanned document be converted to the Google Docs format. Simply check the "Convert" box during your scan and the document will be sent to Google requesting that conversion take place. If successful your document will be available as an editable document available from your web browser on your Desktop, Mobile phone, tablet or portable computer.

While document conversion is available on certain file formats, you can also choose to store from any of the other popular formats provided by Sharescan. Choose just to scan a JPEG image, a TIFF or PDF. Alternatively use the spreadsheet formats provided with XLS and XLSX. The power is in your hands.

Authentication Methods

A plethora of log in types are available to you, securing your information and saving time.

Choose "Login As" and the Multifunctional Device is locked to that account only. Every user will scan to a single account without the need to log in.

"Session Logon" ties the eCopy authenticated Session account to the Google Account you choose to log in as. Once done you no longer need to log in with that Google Account! (Associations can be removed in the administration console)

Domain Locking

Your system administrator can perform a one-time configuration by entering their Google Apps administration account information in the connector configuration panel. By using this information the connector will only allow logins for users on that domain. No scanning to personal Google account or any other domains.

Ease of Use

With domain locking enabled you have also activated user searching from the connector. Start typing your username at the login screen and the connector will display matching usernames. Also, check how much space is left in your Google account on screen! It's all about making the experience easier and quicker for you.

Don't just scan... Print!

Developed in-house by us, this exclusive feature extends the functionality of your connector. For no extra price you can try our print feature which allows you to print any PDF stored in Google Docs straight from the eCopy device. From the connector you can choose the print option after logging in and you will be able to browse all Google Docs collections for your file. Then select and print!

This feature requires a short configuration from a system administrator in the Printing tab in the configuration panel. Select the printer and enter your administrator details.

45 Day Trial

Try before you buy. Contact us for more information.


After the trial is complete you may want to continue using the product. If so please get in touch with us at [email protected] and we will be happy to extend the license for Google Docs.


You will need a Google Account to use this product (sign up here).

A Google Apps account is recommended to try all features (more information here).

Brief the important bits

  • Lock to a single user
  • Single Sign On
  • Lock to a Google Apps Domain