Open GI Connector for eCopy Sharescan 5

Scan straight to the leading broker software programme from your multifunctional device.

Intuitive Interface

The connector presents one powerful screen on the Multifunctional Device that gives you a multitude of fast scanning options. First enter the client number and then either scan or choose the policy you wish to scan to for that client.

The interface will automatically display any existing policies or clients based on what you type and all you need do is press "Next".

Create new folders on the fly

If the client or policy you have opted to scan to does not exist, the connector will automatically create them for you within the file structure. No extra work required.

45 Day Trial

Try before you buy. Contact us for more information.


After the trial is complete you may want to continue using the product. If so please get in touch with us at [email protected] and we will be happy to extend the license for.

Brief the important bits

  • Lock to a single user
  • Single Sign On
  • Create Folders