API Architecture

A Connector needs a connection

We work with APIs - also known as Application Programming Interfaces. These are the building blocks that allow applications to talk to each other.

In the past we have found that some systems have not been designed to talk to others, there is no externally exposed methods for us to build a connector with.

That doesn't stop us, we love a good challenge!

We write APIs

If your software doesn't have the facility to talk to other applications then let us help you out. By adding API functionality to your software you open up a world of possibilities.

We use Microsoft technology to build an extremely secure API layer on top of your existing software.

This additional layer suddenly adds massive value to your application, allowing new User Interface experiences via the Web or mobile interfaces on the iPhone and Android operating systems.

Developers will be able to integrate your system as part of the internet of things, and most importantly we can build a connector on top of your application.

Benefits what you get

  • A world of possibilities
  • Secure access to your software functions
  • Machine to machine interaction