Bespoke Software

Enterprise Software Professionals

With over 10 years development experience, Connector Works provides .NET targeted Windows development.

While focussed on eCopy Sharescan Connectors as a speciality, we have also developed a range of software solutions for customers.

These range from Web Applications such as this website, Windows applications and Services and connectivity with some of the leading APIs on the market.

Streamlined Methodology

As the customer, you're not interested in what Agile or Waterfall means. We keep all that behind the scenes and believe that we have perfected a development method that delivers and gives you regular updates and results.

We quickly develop a working prototype. It may not be pretty but it will be functionally sane. The aim being to demonstrate how the software will work for you and to make sure we're on the same page. This is our 75% design methodology.

You get to see how your software is going to work, and you get to decide quickly as to how it should really work. You don't get something that is half finished and behind schedule and you do not incur terrible cost penalties.

Benefits what you get

  • 75% Design
  • Code rights
  • Prototyping
  • Your sign off