Connector Development

Not all systems are connected... yet

We've been pretty busy connecting up a lot of systems to multifunctional devices thanks to eCopy Sharescan. But we haven't got them all!

What we have done is built a great foundation on top of the Nuance Sharescan SDK and we're eager to add as many to the catalogue as we can.

All of the features we put in to our connectors are built to be reusable, so a lot of our libraries can be snapped into your new connector provided the target framework matches up.

Your connector here

So you have a system or you know of a system that doesn't have a connector? What are your options?

Drop us a line at [email protected] to discuss your idea. We're flexible on how we develop and what rights you retain.

You can keep the rights to the code and we can even set you up with all of the source code available in Visual Studio online for you. Alternatively if you have several customers lined up we may be able to develop the connector with them in mind and recoup the cost this way.

Benefits what you get

  • Gain an entirely new user base
  • Optionally own the code
  • Take advantage of our pre-developed features
  • Integrated installation executable
  • A wealth of experience
  • Registered Nuance development and marketing
  • Support for as long as required