A fair trade

The Sharescan framework does not provide a licensing module, which forced us to create our own licensing subsystem that would ensure that our software would not get distributed unfairly.

When you install one of our connectors you'll notice that it is locked on a 45 Day Trial until your purchase the full version. Once you do this your company name is displayed throughout the connector.

In addition to this and in line with our licensing agreement your IP and MAC addresses are logged on our servers to ensure that you play fair.

Available to all

This licensing architecture is exclusive to Connector Works and has been painstakingly structured with security and encryption at the forefront.

We have made this library available to our customers if required and we are proud to open it up to any developer who needs a secure licensing architecuture.

For more information please email [email protected]

Benefits what you get

  • Secure distribution
  • Centralised administration
  • Trial Functionality
  • Feature Locking