Automated Workflow

Intelligent technology

As part of our development in connectors we have spent a lot of time with users observing how they interact with the software and what makes up an efficient document workflow.

When you purchase a connector from us you are getting a finely tuned application that works in harmony with the target system.

However we do encourage our customers to consider the ultimate workflow when installing and purchasing the connectors from us.


One method of creating a time saving workflow is to request customised connectors from us with features such as linking.

We provide hooks between connectors that allow the same documents and information to be passed from application to application to make sure you do not enter the same information twice.

It is essential that you consider how the connector will be used with your target application as we can help save time and money by extending these hooks to work with multiple application targets and automated features like barcode recognition.


Imagine you want to bulk scan many document using single sign on with barcode recognition. The user walks up to the multifunctional device and logs in with their pass card and it automatically taken to the Google Drive connector.

Using the barcode recognition technology the connector picks up the desired Google Drive folder name and automatically sends the current document to that folder.

With linking in place the connector passes the folder information on to the Dropbox connector which also uses the barcode to send it to an allocated folder there.

Endless possibilities

There's a lot to consider and it's all about efficiency and making sure your staff don't spend long hours stood at a photocopier. We'll help you think through the workflow scenarios and make it work for you.

Benefits what you get

  • Time saving
  • Intelligence
  • Chained destinations